What graphics software do you use?
Xara Xtreme.

What graphics tablet do you use?
I get by with a Hanvon Hanwang Pen tablet, which was given to me by the UK Federation of Chinese Schools. I volunteered to illustrate one of their textbooks from 2012-2013.

What social media are you on?
The networks I frequent can be found at the top-right side of this website. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from each site.

deviantART / Pixiv / PaigeeWorld / Behance / Instagram
Galleries of my completed artworks.

Updates on my current drawing and writing projects. I also tweet about random things I like or want to share.

Facebook page
Whenever I upload content, I'll link you to it.

Google Plus
Where my activity's organised into Collections (enabling you to follow what you're interested in). As well as
my completed artworks, you'll find works in progress and resources. Blog posts and journal entries are also shared here. Whenever I find a useful article about social media, drawing or writing, I'll share it in my Collection you Following this?.

Boards showcasing my completed artworks and resources. You'll also find pins of visual references I used to draw pieces.

Fairy Bat Tales
Explores the origins and characters of classic fairy tales and folklore. Information about my original characters and story can be found here.

Aiyanne with the Fairy Bats
The information you need to commission me for artwork or adopt my character designs. You'll also find work-in-progress updates and articles for creatives.

I can't find what I'm looking for.
Email aiyanne.chan [!at] gmail.com - I'll be happy to help!


Do I have to fill out a Commission Form to secure a waiting list slot?
No, but clients who complete and send a Form first will be given priority for waiting list slots (because I’d have the info required to provide an immediate quote).
If you prefer, you can flag your interest by emailing aiyanne.chan [!at] gmail.com.
Securing a slot on my waiting list doesn’t mean you’ll be obligated to make a purchase. You can check your status, request extra slots and cancel existing slots any time.

How long does it take you to finish commissioned artwork?

From receipt of payment, I aim for 14 days. Circumstances that can lengthen the process include, but aren't limited to:
  • time difference if a client is not based in the UK
  • slow responses to my emails
  • complex character design
In line with Terms & Conditions, clients will be notified if unforeseen circumstances affect delivery of commissioned artwork.

How long will I be on your waiting list?
It depends on my workload. Securing a slot on my waiting list doesn't mean you'll be obligated to make a purchase. You can check your status, request extra slots and cancel existing slots any time.

Why do you upload non-commissioned content when people are on your waiting list?
Non-commissioned work will be postponed once payment of commissioned artwork is received. Under no circumstances will I prioritise non-commissioned artwork over commissioned artwork. The deadline and possible delays of a commission will be discussed with the client before he/she is invoiced.
There is dead-time when I send a commission for client approval; this is when I give myself leave to resume non-commissioned work.

What types of media can I commission you for?
Digital vector art in your preferred image file format.

What subjects do you accept for commissions?
Original characters. I can also draw an anime version of yourself, a friend or family member.

Are there subjects you won’t accept for commissions?
Due to personal preference/ability, I will not draw: realistic figures, homosexual couples, mecha, complex weaponry, vehicles, sex, nudity, fetishes, obscenity, violence, gore, etc. Please bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive.
For legal reasons, I cannot draw copyrighted characters for sale unless written permission has been given by the copyright owner.

Can I commission you to design a character/costume for me?
Unfortunately not, but I do hold deviantART auctions for characters I've designed.

Can I commission you to imitate another artist’s style?
An artist’s style is not copyrighted, so yes, provided it's a style I have the ability to imitate. The commissioned artwork must under no circumstances be passed off as the work of the original artist whose style is being imitated.
I will not, however, imitate the style of a fellow deviantART member.
Please email aiyanne.chan [!at] gmail.com for further discussion on what's acceptable.


Information on my adoptable character designs can be found on the pages below.

About Changeling Treehouse Auctions
What you need to know about my auction rules and adoption process. You'll also find links to information on my original Fairyland species.

Keeping Changeling Treehouse Adoptables
Details on what you can and cannot do with my character designs once you've adopted them.


What methods of payment do you accept?
Payment for commissions must be sent in British Pounds (GBP) via PayPal. I'll only accept payment in dA Points for adoptables auctions. dA Points must be transferred through the Commissions Widget on my deviantART profile.

Can we negotiate on price?
Prices are non-negotiable.

Can I upgrade my commission during the drawing process?
This isn't recommended, because I'd have to ask you to cover PayPal's transaction fee as well as my set prices.
Any PayPal fees associated with your first transaction are covered by me. If you ask for an upgrade (e.g. an extra pet/plushie), you are effectively asking for a second transaction that comes with a second fee, which could have been avoided.
Please select your product and optional extras carefully. Before you're invoiced, you'll have consultation time with me to help you decide.

Do you draw (free) art requests?
Due to time and financial constraints I do not draw requests.

Do you accept art trades?
Not currently.

Do you participate in collaborations?
Not currently.

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